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It is taking an obsolete ski lift cable and giving it a second life as hand railing in a luxury condo building. In your efforts to reach Zero Waste, do you have any byproducts or waste from projects now, or coming up, that would be a candidate for repurposing? Loader Manuals LA525 Front End Loader... Part #7J294- $16.02 Quantity Parts BOOT, CONTROL LE Part #7J266- $4.16 Quantity KIT 1, SEAL Part #7J273- Boom and Bucket kit $90.70 Quantity COUPLER, HNV38NP Part ...A few days ago I purchased an L with the LA525 bucket. When I position the bucket at ground level, I can't tell whether its angle is level to the ground or whether it might be angled up some. Seems like there should be an easy way to tell, but if there is.

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It is taking a byproduct or waste stream such as a retired street sweeper brush and giving it a 2nd life as a back scratcher for horses or cattle. It is taking a decommissioned fire hose and giving it an extended life as a boat dock fender. It is taking an obsolete skiThis is an easy very effective bucket level indicator. All 3/8" threaded rod, (I bought a 6ft piece, then once mounted, I dumped my bucket fully extended, t... · The bucket level indicator must be a part that the original sales guy s deal with because the paperwork indicates it will fit your loader. Take this if you go to check about the availability. Its hard to say no when you have their paperwork in your hand.

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